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SlowMist has served thousands of clients, spread across more than a dozen major countries and regions. We have successfully intercepted more than a billion dollars in funds in terms of AML and have actively participated in promoting the safety standards for blockchain at the local, national, and international levels.


SlowMist has been deeply involved in cryptocurrency anti-money laundering for many years, and has a complete and effective set of solutions in compliance, investigation, audit, etc.

  • Meeting regulatory requirements

    Avoid associations with financial crimes or sanctioned entities, and actively cooperate with regulatory requirements.

  • Address risk identification

    Risk identification of all wallet addresses and counterpart addresses within the company system.

  • Threat intelligence network

    Grasp the latest hacking incidents and regulatory trends in a timely manner, and make effective responses.

  • Build an anti-money laundering alliance

    Provide the alliance with hacker traces or intercept hacker funds.

  • Emergency response

    24-hour emergency response to theft incidents, carrying out analysis, tracking, and intercepting funds.

  • Hacker profile

    Investigate any traces or information left by hackers, especially accounts on centralized exchanges, platforms, and wallets.

  • Intercept stolen funds

    Monitor the address where the funds are staying and simultaneously blacklist it, intercepting the funds.

  • Recovering stolen funds

    Attempt to communicate with the hacker, and try various methods to get the hacker to return the stolen funds.

  • HKSFC’s 23 Compliance Requirements

  • OWASP’s 27 Compliance Requirements

  • Over 170 security audit items compiled by SlowMist

In accordance with the latest requirements of HKSFC and the international standards of OWASP, SlowMist security provides compliance-based security audits by leveraging its own security capabilities. The SlowMist security team has already provided services for multiple cryptocurrency trading platforms applying for licenses in Hong Kong, including the ones already having completed license application like HashKey Pro, etc.Learn more
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As a leading blockchain security company in the industry, SlowMist has been deeply involved in threat intelligence for many years. It mainly serves customers through security audits, anti-money laundering tracing, and other services, and has built a solid threat intelligence collaboration network. Also, combining artificial intelligence technology with blockchain big data, we have continually accumulated on-chain and off-chain label data.

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