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Tracking Service

Cryptocurrency-related scams, ransomware, and cyber-attack crimes are on the rise. As a result of this development, organizations must now seek the assistance of blockchain forensic experts. We at SlowMist specialize in investigating all aspects of cryptocurrency transactions.

  • Analysis of Transactions

    The system analyzes and sorts the transfer of funds from the original address where the funds were stolen. It tracks every transaction and addresses it comes in contact with afterward until it's either stored in cold storage or deposited into an exchange.

  • Monitor Associated Addresses

    Hackers move funds from one address to another to hide their tracks. MistTrack will monitor this all in real-time. When a transfer is initiated, the new address is immediately tagged and stored in our database to be monitored.

  • Instant Notifications of Exchange Deposits

    Our database contains nearly 200 million addresses associated with exchanges worldwide. Whenever stolen funds are deposited to an exchange address, the system immediately notifies the victim and our team.

  • Track Analysis Report

    MistTrack will generate a report containing all pertinent information. This includes transactions, addresses involved, exchanges verifications, and laundering techniques.

  • Report Findings to Law Enforcement

    Assist law enforcement in contacting exchanges with evidence to freeze the deposit addresses of stolen funds.