Customers served: 50+ Cumulative recovered assets: $200,000,000+

Service Process

  • Case Communication

  • Pay for Expenses

  • Start tracking

Service Content

  • Analyze the transfer chain of the funding

    The system analyzes and sorts out the transfer funds movement from the stolen address to the hacker address, from the hacker address to the coin laundering address, to the balance retention address or the exchange address.

  • Monitor associated addresses

    Hackers launder coins from the stolen address to each address, and will be monitored in real time in the system. Once there is a new coin laundering action, the new coin laundering address will also be automatically added to the monitoring.

  • Dynamic feedback when funding transferred to the exchange

    Nearly 200 million address tags, covering mainstream exchanges around the world. When the hacker transfers assets to an exchange address, the system will notify the victim at the first time.

  • Track analysis report

    Summarize and output the analysis report of the complete link table of the stolen funds transfer, the exchange verification and freezing data, the balance retention address, and the summary of the currency laundering situation.

  • Assist the police to investigate and freeze

    we assist the police to contact the investigable exchanges where the funds transferred in, and freeze the deposit address of the exchange involved in the case.

Supported Currencies

  • BTC

  • ETH

  • USDT

  • USDT-ERC20

  • USDT-TRC20

  • TRX

Support all tokens based on ETH and TRX