• Exchange

    Stop money laundering, easy to avoid policy risk.

  • Wallet

    Help users resist fraud and safeguard digital assets.

  • Asset Management Platform

    Verify the source of assets, avoid disputes and protect the reputation of the platform.

Data Engine

SlowMist threat intelligence engine collects data from various data sources for cleaning up and integration, combining artificial intelligence technology to extract accurate data from this huge data set. Covering the relevant content from the dark web to hundreds of exchanges around the world, and including malicious wallet addresses such as BTC, ETH, EOS, XRP, TRX, USDT, etc. with the total number having exceeded 100,000. SlowMist threat intelligence engine provides comprehensive intelligence support for tracking hacker attacks and coin laundering.


  • Web Control

    Query malicious wallet addresses, malicious domains, malicious IP, and export the query results on the web console.

  • API

    Through the API interface query whether the wallet address on the chain, domain name, IP is malicious, and the associated malicious behavior.


  • Free

    ETH malicious wallet addresses
    Only console queries are supported
    1 address per time
    $0 /year
  • Basic

    BTC、ETH、EOS、XRP、TRX、USDT and other malicious wallet addresses
    Support console, API query
    Call frequency limit: 5/s
    $7,000 /year
  • Advanced

    BTC, ETH, EOS, XRP, TRX, USDT and other malicious wallet addresses as well as malicious domain name, malicious IP
    Support console, API query
    No limit of call frequency
    $15,000 /year

Customer Voice

  • imToken

    SlowMist AML system's malicious address library is very sound. The malicious addresses of each public chain are available and updated in a timely manner. It is an effective barrier to prevent fraud, hackers and other illegal activities, and it is worth promoting and applying on wallets and exchanges.

  • Bitpie

    SlowMist AML system provides a comprehensive and timely malicious address library, which can not only help wallet users identify risky behaviors and avoid losses, but also play a great role in the risk control of exchanges and other businesses, improve business security, and provide services. Fang better protects user assets.