Data Engine

SlowMist threat intelligence engine collects data from various data sources for cleaning and integration, and combines artificial intelligence technology to extract accurate data from this huge data set. This threat intelligence engine covers everything from the dark web to hundreds of exchanges around the world, providing comprehensive intelligence support for tracking hacker attacks and money laundering.



Customer Voice

  • imToken CSO Blue

    The malicious address database of SlowMist AML is very sound, malicious addresses of each public blockchain have and update in a timely manner, is to prevent fraud, hackers and other illegal ACTS of an effective barrier, it is worth promoting in the wallets, exchanges.

  • WhaleEX Chairman Zhao Yi

    As the world's largest decentralized exchange, WhaleEx is committed to establishing the highest standards of compliance anti-money laundering (AML). We chose SlowMist AML in the first time to better prevent financial crime risk, further improve the compliance, and make blockchain go to the mainstream world.

  • RenRenBit CTO Wang Wei

    SlowMist AML timely and effectively helps us verify the source of users' digital assets and avoid hackers to transfer stolen COINS to our platform, which reduces a lot of policy risks and unnecessary troubles for us.

  • Bitpie COO Wang Chao

    SlowMist AML provides a comprehensive and timely malicious address database, which can not only help users identify risk and avoid losses, but also play a great role in risk control of businesses such as exchange, improve the security of businesses and enable the service provider to better protect the user's assets.


    SlowMist AML provides a variety of high-risk malicious address database for the blockchain world, which helps us effectively improve the underlying defense against high-risk attacks such as money piracy, extortion, phishing, cybercrime, and financial crime. It effectively protects the security and transaction security of our exchange users. SlowMist AML is a system worthy of access to every exchange. Let us work together to promote the eco-system security of the blockchain.